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You can never have enough chapsticks (I'm the proudly owner of 137 or so). I like people - I hate what society made of them. Lana Del Rey's sad music makes me happy. I like pizza. Clarus, my best friend whose name is actually clara is my favourite photo model. My weirdness scares some people away. I don't want to care about what people think about me but I can't stop it. If I could choose where I was born I would chose a small town in England, but not too small, you shouldn't know everyone living there. I love England and especially the english accent. When I'm home alone I talk british to my cat to learn it in case I have the chance to visit the UK again, I've been there twice. Sometimes I drink too much to forget the reality for a moment . Food is my boyfriend. Baking while listening to imagine dragons is a dream. I'm glad there is fashion, because I love to take all my clothes out of my closet and try on every possible combination. Lana Del Rey's sad music makes my sadness go away. I have already said that before. doesn't matter. Sometimes it makes me even sadder I don't hate school, but I don't like it either. DID I MENTION MY SMOOTHIE-ADDICTION??? My two cats strayed to my family, the first one twelve years ago and the other one last January. I have always loved cats and always will. The new cat doesnt like me. It left us in may. My life consists mostly of tv-series, my favourits are The OC and Skins and friday night dinner and Misfits and...., there are SO many others I don't want to mention here because it would take like 30cm. Organized people are boring. I'm in a drama club but not a good actor, instead I'm a perfect liar. Vodka not wine. My hair should grow faster. Playing the violin takes a lot of my free time, even though I never practice. I like some people in my orchestra. My opinion about something can change in like a minute. I hate scary movies but I like Scary Movie, every movie. Youtube is a good invention, I don't know what to do without it when my sportify limit has ended after two days (they changed this now, LUCKILY). I'm so happy there is no limit anymore. A few summers ago I red 52 books in six weeks. I used to love Hannah Montana and Zack&Cody when I was younger. To be alone whole day and don't speak to anyone is going to be a great day.
autumn is my favourite season. I don't have any friends in my english class BUT WE'RE GOING TO VISIT LONDON NEXT SEPTEMBER, maybe I find some until then (i have (OH MY GOD IT'S SO GREAT))
Some of my friends live far away from me and some are finished with school now and going exiting places
You are strange for reading all this, enjoy my blog!

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